Mythic hair Series
Mythic hair for normal to fine hair and for thick hair with exotic extracts from Osmanthus and Smyrna, and Ginger oil.
Illuminating Series
The Illuminating Ultra Gloss Series contains a combination of several active ingredients that contribute to the shine of hair, and some of the products also feature a white pearl powder with glittering silver accents.
Hair color VISAGE
» Intensive shiny vibrant colors for powerful lively hair.
» More even and durable coating for your hair
» Natural ingredients: Keratin and Argan oil.
Haircare VISAGE
» Perfect care for the hair.
» Natural ingredients:
 - Extracts: pomegranate, fig, lytchi, algae;
 - Oils - argan, macadamia, olive, almond, shea and sesame;
Bodycare VISAGE
» Irresistible, overwhelming and delicate scents.
» A unique combination of freshness and body care.
» Hydrating, firming and gentle action.
» Perfectly cleansed, fresh, smooth, delicate and scented skin.
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