Hair color VISAGE

Hair color VISAGE

Semi-permanent hair colors

Semi-permanent hair colors can add one nuance to the natural hair color and cover the first gray hairs well. Semi-permanent hair colors with developer include shampoos with coloring agent and Intensive tonics. These products contain very low percentage of oxidizing ingredients.

Permanent hair colors with developer

Permanent hair colors cover excellently and permanently gray hairs and they can also brighten the hair. These colors, which include Visage hair colors, contain at least two components which have to be mixed before using the product and after mixing them the product has to be used immediately.

Effect of permanent hair colors with developer

 1. The ammonia provides the initial slight expansion of the hair so that the ingredients and the color can easily penetrate therein.
 2. The developer is mixed with the hair color, and it penetrates inside the hair where the reaction takes place with the oxidizing substances.
 3. The chemical reaction keeps the color inside of the hair and the hair care ingredients smooth over the surface of the hair and make new hair color brilliant.

The color achieved with the hair colors with developer is long lasting because the color molecules are sealed in the inside of the hair, and their formulas are designed to reliably cover the greater part of the gray hair.

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